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Welcome to this tremendous place of resources about the aborted project that was the Aérotrain. Beware, this website is only an addon and I really suggest you to also visit those websites :

- Aérotrain et Naviplanes, THE reference website

- L'Aérotrain Bertin, a complementary website

- L'Aérotrain français, a website from a german fan

- Wikipedia Page
Even if Jean Bertin, the father of the Aérotrain, had launched many different projects a this time, this website is only about the Aérotrain project, particularly the Experimental 01, Experimental 01, S-44, Tridim, I-80 and I-80HV models.

All of these pictures and videos will show you how things have changed since the concrete structures had been definitely left away in 1978.

You will follow me in my multiple journeys on the monorail, just as you were there !

You will also apreciate the exclusives pictures of the time of the projet that can't be found anywhere else on the internet and that are in very high resolution.

Please know that the most interrested of you stay on this webstive for more that 4 hours !

During your visit, don't hesitate to leave comemnts or ask questions.

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BOnjour, j ais une paire d idespour mieu faire connaitre ce train, etes vous interesser?? merci, excuse mon FRançais, mais j abite en ITalie depuis 1983
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genial votre site pour ne pas oublier le genie de Jean Bertin !!
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Pourquoi n'entendons nous plus parler de cette merveilleuse aventure ? Bravo pour le site
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Merci et bravo aux passionnés !!
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Superbe site, dommage pour la section photo populaire qui ne s'est pas développée.
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